IVA looks at the future in terms of products as well as in terms of sustainable development. This is latter is our responsibility, more over a mindset to be proud of. Our strategic orientations and our management practices prove that this is part of our DNA.

Managing its health, safety and environmental footprint is an important challenge for a manufacturer of chemicals.

We created and maintain a global program of waste management to exchange best regional practices. To name a few of our successes leading to significant reduction in emissions: Closed recirculation circuits, collection of recyclable wastes, non-recyclable waste treated by qualified partners , installation and operation of a Volatile Organic Content burner. Thanks to the consistent efforts that began years ago, we have obtained tangible results. Water & Energy consumptions are significantly lower year over year thanks to the continuous improvement of our management tools and processes.

An Environment and Safety Committee is in place on every IVA site to study, review and approve practical solutions. The health and safety of our employees is a priority. Providing good working conditions and managing risk are daily concerns for IVA. We are monitoring safety and also displaying our performance to our employees as well as to remind every employee that safety is everyone’s concern. Across the company, we design emergency plans tailored to potential risks. All of our employees are trained in the implementation of these plans.

The continuous training of our employees on good practice and safety is a cornerstone of our organization.

Our Research &Development and Health, Safety & Environment departments work hand in hand to develop new solutions with a lesser impact on the environment and there are of course some key topics like RoHs ("Restriction of Hazardous Substances") and REACH ( "Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical substances") EU legislation and their counterparts in other regions of the world.