Wire Enamel

The product range of the IVA catalogue is constantly extended and reviewed to anticipate the needs of our partners. Our products support the development of new markets and can be tailored or developed to meet new or special requirements.


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Product Specifications

Type Name
Polyamide-imide PAI 19902-1766-606
Polyester-imide PEI THEIC Modified 19960-19970-1750-505
Polyester-imide PEI Solderable 19828
Polyester HPE H Class 19862-506
Polyester MPE F Class 19855-1740-406-506B
Polyester PE B Class 1730
Polyurethane PU H Class 13080-13190
Polyurethane PU F Class 13155-13070-403
Polyurethane PU B Class 303
Polyvinyl Acetal Formal PVF / PVA 19010
Bondable Epoxy 19220
Polyamide 19650-19670-19680
Nylon 19600-301
Polyimide 19940
Primer 19672
Inverter WE